Mark Glaude, experienced travel planner and President of Royal Travelers of New England, was recently asked by a New Jersey promoter to recommend top-notch entertainment. His comment: “Laura Roth is an incredible multi-talented vocalist, performer, impersonator. Her rendition of Judy Garland will send goosebumps throughout your body. Her costumes and wardrobe are Vegas-caliber. A casino showroom is the ultimate venue for her classic-style cabaret show.”

“LAURA IS A FEMALE SAMMY DAVIS, JR.” – seasoned show-goer.

Laura provided entertainment for the Seneca Community Players annual fundraiser in Seneca Falls, New York. She had a ball, and here is a message from a patron of this event:
“THANK YOU!!! You are so AMAZING…Your stellar performance last night at the Delavan Theater was truly magical! BLESS YOU!! We were so thrilled to be able to be so wonderfully entertained…You are A STAR! Sharing your gift brought so much HAPPINESS and tears of JOY to the entire audience. We all look forward to being in your presence again…BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!”  – David Neve

Often agents say that audiences love the show they have just seen, as if it’s some sort of natural reaction. How about this email from a new fan who is still reacting to a Laura show he saw weeks before:
“Hi, Laura!
It’s been nearly two weeks since my wife and I saw your show at the Georgian Lakeside Resort in Lake George…and while we were patiently waiting for your arrival, several of the members of our Pennsylvania party who had seen one of your previous performances kept insisting that you would be worth the wait. Laura, they were definitely right. It was as if Connie Francis was standing only a few feet away, and some of her comments were hilarious. And “Tammy Why-Not” was a gem, as it was amazing to see how you could change costumes and personalities so quickly. Seeing a young Barbra Streisand in person really took me back, and your on-stage transformation into Judy Garland was a work of art that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It was indeed a pleasure to see your performance, and watching the videos on your wonderful website continues to bring back memories of your Lake George performance. Here’s wishing you continued success in a career that you most obviously enjoy. Great voice, great material, great enthusiasm, and, once again, a great show. Bravo!
Sincerely, Lee J. Wiles”

Another letter posted about Laura:
“Our group loves Laura Roth, especially me. All I have to say is ‘Laura will be performing’, and everyone wants to go. Her mix of comedy and singing is wonderful.”

Here’s another, received just after we posted pictures of Laura as “Cher” and as “Liza”:
“You are such a chameleon…you can transform yourself into so many varied famous stars, it’s scary. The cool thing is that it’s not just the looks; you create the whole package which is why people LOVE to see you perform! Besides looking gorgeous, you find the humorous tics they all have and play them up. That endears you to your audience, so a picture can never communicate the talent you possess!”

Laura starred as a “Judy Garland”-type character in summer stock for two week-ends last August in response to the personal request of its author and composer. Two comments from the audience sent by email:
“Words are inadequate to express the staggering size of your talent. You truly amazed everyone in the audience last night.”

“I am speechless! You’re more Judy, than Judy! Your talent is a gift for all of us and I want to say that I stand in awe of you. You are ageless, timeless, and utterly amazing and your presence on stage literally had me spellbound. You become the character. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

“Laura Roth is a talent to be reckoned with!” – Broadway producer Chapman Roberts

From a review of “A Night At The Palace”:
“Roth has a beautiful kick, and a voice to match. Especially pleasing were the opener, a Shirley Temple send-off, and the last number, an emotional portrayal of Judy Garland at the end of her career. That’s quite a range to cover over a short time.”

From a review of “That’s Show Biz”:
“Roth is an incredible, first-rate performer. Laura wrestled every bit of emotion from her songs. She steals the show with her powerful stage presence.”

From a review of “Down Memory Lane”:
“Throughout the evening, Roth is truly the star. Every time this lady dons a new costume and wig, her whole personality seems to change. In effect, she becomes these famous stars. She looks like them, sounds and acts like them.”

From a review of Laura Roth in “Funny Girl”:
“Laura Roth played the poignant and punchy role of music-hall star Fannie Brice as if it had been written around her. Roth can belt out a song from here to Jupiter and she’s an estimable hoofer, a fine serious actress and a formidable clown… The show’s highlight moments were Laura Roth’s. Her singing of “People,” the ballad Streisand made famous (and vice versa) and the little known but exquisite “The Music That Makes Me Dance” pulled the audience into one tight, silent knot and sent chills and shiverings scampering up and down our spine.”